Why Building A Customer Feedback Loop Is So Important For Your Business

One of the hardest things to obtain from the company’s perspective is useful customer feedback. Yet, customers are often only too eager to provide you with their experiences because they want their opinions to be heard. This eagerness is often sparked by either a positive or negative experience with your company. At the bare minimum, these customers should have an outlet to express these thoughts and opinions, however an optimized customer feedback strategy will have a system which facilitates a dialogue with customers. This is the framework for a customer feedback loop, where the goal is to turn your customer feedback into actions and communicate those results back to your customers.

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Why Is Customer Experience So Important to your business?

There’s a lot of buzz right now around customer experience, but what are people really saying about it? By dedicating themselves to a better customer experience, companies can reap many benefits including: higher revenues and retention, happier employees, recognition, and a chance at thriving even when their industry is not. In addition it is easier than ever to upsell after a good customer experience to customers that are even happier. Examples of these companies are seen all over business magazines and they line the business bookshelves of the world. Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, and Whole Foods Market are revered icons of this paradigm. So how did companies like these mold themselves to become the model of great customer experience? Continue reading “Why Is Customer Experience So Important to your business?”

5 ways to turn positive feedback into sales through marketing

All great sales representatives and marketing managers worth their salt know the significance of feedback and how it helps them with future sales. In any case, most people tend to concentrate on the pessimistic instead of the constructive, and organizations are the same: they invest the lion’s share of their energy tending to client complaints and negative criticism. Continue reading “5 ways to turn positive feedback into sales through marketing”

How to build customer loyalty – 5 simple tips

Getting customers is hard so why not try to keep the current ones even longer? Keeping them should be easier than getting new ones. You know them already, you know what they want and you know what they expect of you – or do you?  With fierce competitors building communities and aggressively marketing on price, you have to put real energy and effort into maintaining a consistent customer base. Just providing a great product or service is rarely enough to keep them coming back for more. You need to be able to create real customer loyalty. Loyal customers are those ones you want to have. And actually, according to White House Consumer Affairs It is 7 times more expensive to find a new customer than to keep an existing one and on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as non loyal customers!

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What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

In the world of data, Net Promoter Score or NPS has risen to be one of the most used metric to measure customer experiences. To jump right in to it, the Net Promoter Score is a particular statistic that some researchers propose can predict whether overall customer loyalty will encourage your business to grow or not. The main idea of NPS is alluringly simple. Take the percentage of customers who are highly likely to recommend you (promoters), subtract those who are disinclined, indifferent, or only somewhat likely to give you good word of mouth (detractors). There you have it: %P – %D = NPS. The prediction is that a higher score allows for better top-line growth. Continue reading “What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?”

Increase your sales by listening to your customers

Do you know when your customer leaves satisfied or when there is a high risk that the negative feedback starts to spread on social media? Did you know that it is six times more likely that your customers will tell others about the bad experience he or she had than recommend your service? If you want to build a successful customer experience and create the product even better and more valuable, why would you trust to a hunch? Let’s get back to customer experience basics! Continue reading “Increase your sales by listening to your customers”

3 tips on how to improve your customer feedback measurement

Measuring total customer experiences from all touch points, rather than “assuming customer satisfaction” and sharing this information company-wide allows you to implement and execute upon strategies for future success. It might be a tricky task and take overwhelmingly lot of time. Here are three suggestions for you to success: Continue reading “3 tips on how to improve your customer feedback measurement”