Your customers are important, but so are your employees!

What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback is a tested method of improving productivity and job satisfaction. Responses to a questionnaire, usually provided via the internet and automated, help employees see themselves as others would see them and provide vital information also for managers. Generally, 8 to 15 people give the feedback. The resulting report encourages the people being assessed to capitalize on their strengths, and points out areas to make changes. Most 360-degree feedback programs are strategic initiatives. The 360-degree feedback programs are designed to support increased competitive advantage, development of leaders, increases in productivity, improved morale and job satisfaction, and retention of high-performing employees. Such programs often begin by assessing the senior leadership, and then migrate to managers and frontline employees. Continue reading “Your customers are important, but so are your employees!”

3 tips on how to improve your customer feedback measurement

Measuring total customer experiences from all touch points, rather than “assuming customer satisfaction” and sharing this information company-wide allows you to implement and execute upon strategies for future success. It might be a tricky task and take overwhelmingly lot of time. Here are three suggestions for you to success: Continue reading “3 tips on how to improve your customer feedback measurement”

Why is it important to measure customer satisfaction?

More organizations are utilizing online surveys as a method of capturing satisfaction feedback from their customers. Propels in innovation in the course of recent years have made it exceptionally savvy to gather a lot of information on a constant basis. Furthermore, organizations are starting to hop onto the temporary fad to accumulate their customer experience data. In any case, in the event that it isn’t done well, you can without much of a stretch wind up with poor results that don’t generally bolster the vital or operational choices that you set out to benefit from in any case. Continue reading “Why is it important to measure customer satisfaction?”

How to save up to 4k€ on your analytics cost per year?

We are not the kings of our customers anymore. The tables have turned and nowadays the customer decides how to communicate with the companies and businesses he or she wants to. Combined with digitalization and social media boom, this has led to a situations where our field of communications is very fragmented. Some of your customers might want communicate with you through your website and some e.g. through social media. Now the same thing of course applies to your own feedback and data collection. One channel is not enough anymore to cover the insights about your customer base.

Continue reading “How to save up to 4k€ on your analytics cost per year?”

Feedbackly Has Received Leverage From The EU

Feedbackly is a Finnish startup dedicated to improving customer experiences and helping companies to increase their sales through intelligent up sell. With Feedbackly, companies can gather feedback from their customers in all potential touch points from bricks-and-mortar stores to eCommerce sites and even email and SMS to target intelligent up sell campaigns based on their customer experience data. Continue reading “Feedbackly Has Received Leverage From The EU”