How to analyze open and qualitative feedback?

Analyzing the qualitative feedback is truly a challenge. It is time consuming and given with the quantitative feedback, it has to be taken together with it, even while analyzing. However, it helps in many ways. You can analyze the qualitative feedback at the individual level. This would be useful to interpret the survey instrument better in the following ways: Continue reading “How to analyze open and qualitative feedback?”

The importance of qualitative customer feedback in eCommerce

Data, data, data – it is all about data nowadays. Still too often we tend to forget that it is not about the data, it is about the person – a human being. Your customers have feelings and emotions and many time they are rather irrational. That one was almost common knowledge so why am I telling this? Well, it seems that even thought it should be quite clear, most of the eCommerces tend to forget this face and collect only observative data about their customers not even little qualitative data. Continue reading “The importance of qualitative customer feedback in eCommerce”

What is a Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

In the world of data, Net Promoter Score or NPS has risen to be one of the most used metric to measure customer experiences. To jump right in to it, the Net Promoter Score is a particular statistic that some researchers propose can predict whether overall customer loyalty will encourage your business to grow or not. The main idea of NPS is alluringly simple. Take the percentage of customers who are highly likely to recommend you (promoters), subtract those who are disinclined, indifferent, or only somewhat likely to give you good word of mouth (detractors). There you have it: %P – %D = NPS. The prediction is that a higher score allows for better top-line growth. Continue reading “What is a Net Promoter Score (NPS)?”

Planning and Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Surveys 101

Planning and analyzing a customer satisfaction survey are two major aspects in your daily business. These two factors, when combined could substantially contribute to the future profits and success or consequent failure of any business endeavor. It must be significant to keep in mind that satisfying your customer is the major key to success of an enterprise and without it you are going to lose your customers who might then jump to your competitor, which in turn could leave you hanging loose. Here are few tips that feature some important and useful points for analyzing and planning customer satisfaction surveys that can greatly improve your business endeavors in turn. With these you will get started and avoid the most common pitfalls. Continue reading “Planning and Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Surveys 101”

CX Academy 3

As we want to help you to make most out of our service, we’ve created Customer Experience Academy to guide you through the essentials. This is the Third part where we discuss what does it mean to run multichannel CX measurement!

Usually our customer base is fragmented into different segments based on how they communicate with us or with brands in general. So if we would collect feedback or customer experience data only with one method we would reach only one specific group. If you draw conclusions based on that data about your whole business, it´s not necessarily taking you in the right direction. Continue reading “CX Academy 3”

CX Academy 2

As we want to help you to make most out of our service, we’ve created Customer Experience Academy to guide you through the essentials. This time we’ll check out what you actually can find when you are logged in and tell you what to do with all the information you’ve collected. In short, we´ll see how to use your dashboard to analyze the feedback. Continue reading “CX Academy 2”

Increase your sales by listening to your customers

Do you know when your customer leaves satisfied or when there is a high risk that the negative feedback starts to spread on social media? Did you know that it is six times more likely that your customers will tell others about the bad experience he or she had than recommend your service? If you want to build a successful customer experience and create the product even better and more valuable, why would you trust to a hunch? Let’s get back to customer experience basics! Continue reading “Increase your sales by listening to your customers”

Your customers are important, but so are your employees!

What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback is a tested method of improving productivity and job satisfaction. Responses to a questionnaire, usually provided via the internet and automated, help employees see themselves as others would see them and provide vital information also for managers. Generally, 8 to 15 people give the feedback. The resulting report encourages the people being assessed to capitalize on their strengths, and points out areas to make changes. Most 360-degree feedback programs are strategic initiatives. The 360-degree feedback programs are designed to support increased competitive advantage, development of leaders, increases in productivity, improved morale and job satisfaction, and retention of high-performing employees. Such programs often begin by assessing the senior leadership, and then migrate to managers and frontline employees. Continue reading “Your customers are important, but so are your employees!”