10 biggest influencers in customer experience around the world

Posted by Michael Halyk on 06.10.2017

The field of customer experience professionals is growing exponentially every year as more and more companies are discovering the importance of hiring CX professionals to create an effective strategy for their companies. Feedbackly is at the forefront of innovation in CX with our software tools made not only for these CX professionals, but also for employees of all levels such as their clients or managing team. Feedbackly enables these professionals to automate their customer communication and feedback strategies and use the data to create CX audits for companies of all sizes.

There are hundreds of people that deserve to be on this list, and these people were chosen because of their experience in CX internationally.


Karl E. Sharicz

EdM, Principal and Founder, CX Partners

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"Karl brings over thirty years of skills and experiences gained in high-tech research and manufacturing B2B environments along with proven business acumen. Throughout his career he has served a broad range of roles within marketing, sales, training, and training management—developing internal and external customer relationship skills and building a decided customer-centric focus along the way.  In 2014, Karl founded CX Partners and offers professional services around all aspects of CX on a contract basis to all organizations, particularly those looking to start or advance their journey in the fascinating world of Customer Experience Management."


Jeannie Walters

Author, Speaker, Trainer

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"Jeannie Walters has spent nearly 20 years evaluating and improving customer experiences. She’s worked with Verizon Wireless, Allstate, Bath and Body Works, Orangetheory Fitness, Citrix and many others. Jeannie is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP,) the Chicagoland Ambassador for the Customer Experience Professionals Association, and a TEDx speaker. She’s passionate about making the everyday interactions we all have as customers better and writes, speaks, studies and trains on customer experience issues around the world."



Jaakko Männistö

CEO and founder of Feedbackly. Vice President of Finnish Entrepreneurs.

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Jaakko started Feedbackly in 2013 with the goal to turn Customer Experiences into direct sales. His philosophy is to change the narrative of customer experience management from being purely qualitative to being quantifiable and more easily controlled. He's an entrepreneur, founder and omnichannel customer experience professional at Feedbackly. He is also the Vice chairman and Board member of the Finnish entrepreneurs organization.



Jim Tincher

Mapper-in-Chief, Heart of the Customer

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"With a lifelong passion for customer experiences, Jim founded Heart of the Customer to help companies of all sizes increase customer engagement. Before launching the company, Jim led customer engagement initiatives at Best Buy, Gallup and UnitedHealth Group. In the process, he became an expert in using Voice of the Customer research to identify unmet needs, develop new products and improve customer service. His Heart of the Customer journey maps are a powerful tool designed with one simple goal: customer loyalty. Customers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies use his processes to improve customer-focused results. His fascination with customer experience led him to test himself by becoming a Certified Customer Experience Professional, only the second in the world to earn such a designation."



Sarah Simon

Customer Intelligence Alchemist, Confirmit

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"I’m an architect of action-based customer intelligence solutions and data-driven customer experience strategy. An innovative solution architect, I focus on customer data capture and insights design methodology. I guide clients in understanding why, when and how to listen to the voice of the customer, blending behavioral CRM data with survey sentiment to tell a fuller story of the customer within the context of the customer’s journey. Optimizing the customer experience is the guiding light for all of my efforts, and inspiring people to leverage all this customer intelligence into becoming a better company is particularly fun."



Tony Hillson

CXPA Expert at Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)

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"Tony’s expertise is in combining over 10 years of CX Experience with emerging Human Centred Innovation and Experience Design practices. For the past 5 years he has worked assisting organisations to mobilise and deliver Customer Experience Design across many industries, startup and corporate organisations across all touchpoints."


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Kristin Guthrie


Vice President of Customer Experience, ICW Insurance

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"For more than 20 years, Kristin has led sales and marketing organizations across a variety of industries, including: retail, consulting, home security, consumer electronics, and aerospace.  Currently, Kristin is the Vice President, Customer Experience at ICW Insurance.  In this role, she is responsible for driving innovative solutions designed to improve the overall customer experience. Often involving the marriage of data science, change management and psychology.   Kristin has continued her award winning streak by being named a “2015 CX Impact” recipient and a “Who’s Who in CX” from the CXPA."


Ian Golding

CX Consultant

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"Ian is a highly influential freelance CX consultant, advising leading companies on CX strategy, measurement, improvement and employee advocacy techniques and solutions. Ian has worked across multiple industries including retail, financial services, logistics, telecoms and pharmaceuticals and has deployed CX tools and methodologies all over the world. An internationally renowned speaker and blogger on the subject of CX, Ian was also the first to become a CCXP Authorised Resource & Training Provider."



Annette Franz

Founder/CEO, CX Journey Inc.

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Annette Franz shares her passion for helping companies understand the importance of the employee experience and its role in delivering an exceptional customer experience, as well as how to transform their cultures to ensure the customer is at the center of every conversation, through her blog, CX Journey. She is CEM Certified and is a local networking lead for the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). She was recently recognized as one of “The 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter” by Business Insider and has been recognized by several organizations as a top influencer in Customer Experience. She is CEM Certified and is an active CXPA member, as a CX Expert, CX Mentor, and a SoCal Local Networking Team Lead; she also serves on the Board of Directors. 

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Peter Haid

Managing Director, TouchPoint Dashboard

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Peter has more than 16 years of B2B/B2C experience in the areas of Customer Experience Management (CEM), market research, advisory/consulting services, engineering, operations, M&A, strategic partnerships, performance measurement, and product management. In recent years Peter earned his practitioner badge by leading two F500 global CX programs. This allowed him to mature his skills in all aspects of CEM, including assessments, strategy, brand alignment, employee engagement, Voice of Customer programs, measurement methodologies, customer insights, market segmentation, personas, journey mapping, process design, text and speech analytics, social strategies, and vendor evaluations.

Professional bios are extracted from CXPA's official website

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