Customer experience trends for 2019 – Customer journey reborn

Customer journey will be reborn and start breaking down silos

By now, the concept of customer journey has been known for a quite some time. But what we are seeing based on thousands and thousands of customer interactions is that this ideology is re-emerging. Companies will also be reeling their KPIs and metrics to service customer journeys but also use the same ideology for innovations and service improvements as well as improving their internal well being! That being said, I believe 2019 will be the year that companies really start breaking their data silos and stop using separate systems to collect the data. The single touchpoint approach had a long run – but it’s time for change. The realm of customer experience that focuses on the customer journey and sentiment as they traverse through the product/service is helping define the lifetime value of a customer. There are tremendous opportunities with the emergence of customer data platforms that go beyond the 360-degree view of a customer to enable cohorts and clusters to better target for up-sell/cross-sell.

The second coming of the employee experience

Many times in the hassle of trying to improve customer experiences, we tend to forget that it is our own people that create those experiences. Happy employees create happy customers. And it is crucial that your employees as well as your customers feel that their voice is being heard and their needs are being attended to. This seems to be catching on! For the first time in 10 years, we are seeing lots of investments in measuring and improving employee experience and companies are taking this matter more seriously.

Digital integration continues

Companies will continue to take the next steps in using integrations and automating their processes to improve their customer experience. This is a global phenomenon and cannot be neglected in the CX world. Better data will allow for a more frictionless system to system experience and better tracking throughout the customer journey. Managing the entire process automatically is becoming an everyday event for marketers and CX professionals.

New CX leaders will emerge

To see that someone is a “Chief Customer Experience Officer” is still quite rare and it will likely continue to be for some time. Mainly because there are very few people on the market that actually understand that better customer experiences lead to overall company growth. Now, this is of course controversial because companies are racing to make CX their main strategy for competitiveness. That being said, there will be more and more incompetent CX managers on the market and it will still take more time for them to gain experience. But also it warms my soul to say that there are more and more very high-level professionals that are moving to senior positions faster than ever!

Connecting CX to business objectives

This might sound a bit obvious but during my career I have seen countless companies and leaders who do CX “just because you need to” or “because it’s trendy right now”. From my perspective, I see that this fad is finally declining and companies are trying to understand how to connect CX with their other business objectives. It might be as simple as bringing together simple sales data to see some correlation or something a bit more complex depending on the industry.

One of the best ways to harness CX data is to link it to increased sales (NPS trend x sales trend), exposure (How many reviews are we creating?), and loyalty as a predictor of future consumer behavior. This becomes increasingly important because promoters are extremely likely to recommend the company to others. In contrast, detractors are extremely unlikely to make recommendations and are responsible for 80% to 90% of a company’s negative word of mouth. I can also add that about 73% of the promoters spread positive word of mouth! So in the end, the most important thing is that you ask yourself “How does this support my business goals?” and act accordingly.

The next generation of AI

With the help of new technologies and AI, businesses are going to be able to take more action on their data – real actionable insights. Machine learning, AI, and heuristic neural networks are giving this technology the ability to combine scenarios, increase understanding, and make real-time predictive decisions. When natural language processing and intelligence categorization are combined to help data analytics, we will see a huge leap in intelligence. This development is still baby steps but crucial to get it right at first. If intelligent categorization does not work, it is merely impossible to move to the next step of predictive analytics.

With these, it is good to jump to 2019 and rock your customers’ world even bigger and better!


Feedbackly Goes To Portugal

We tend to be more productive in the sun, and one of the things we as a team look forward to the most is our yearly remote working week. Last year we went to Spain to have a week of strategic planning on the beach and it turned out to be a huge success (big surprise). This year, we did a vote and decided on beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. We rented a villa on the beach and headed down there from our Helsinki HQ at the end of September… Here’s how it went.

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City of Helsinki Teams Up with Feedbackly to Improve Recreational Facilities

The City of Helsinki operates public recreation facilities to serve over half a million residents in the area, and have done so for decades. Helsinki is unique in that its inhabitants have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature on land, at sea and on islands on foot, by bike or in a boat. You can go fishing, enjoy a sauna and spend the night surrounded by nature. There are not many capital cities in the world where you can be strolling down the street in the city center and be so immersed in nature.

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Why Should You Care About Customer Experience?

Customer experience is a term that has been added to the public lexicon steadily over the past 15 years, and is more quickly becoming a staple for new and established companies looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. For good reason too. 64% of people think that customer experience is more important than price in their choice of a brand. And companies are taking note.

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The True Cost of Bad Customer Experiences

Imagine this: You’re doing everything you can to grow your business. You’ve redesigned your website, you’re sales team is working hard, and you are indeed getting new customers. But your customer churn is through the roof, and you don’t even know if your customers are satisfied. What’s worse, you’re running out of ideas and your investors are looking for a reason to keep the cash flowing. The issue is that you’re not thinking about the big picture because you’re too focused on individual systems and interactions. You’re not thinking about customer experience. What the concept of customer experience forces us to do is look at a customer’s entire perception of your brand as a fluid and evolving thing – shaped by each and every interaction they have with it. Let’s look at the true cost of bad customer experiences.

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How To Choose The Right CX Software For Your Company

If you want to build a customer experience strategy, it needs to be built on strong foundations which are robust enough to evolve and change with your business without needing to be rebuilt from scratch. Your strategic planning, program governance structure, and change management efforts go a long way toward building your success.

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Understanding and Implementing Behavioral Segmentation in the Customer Journey

Behavioral segmentation

Businesses use customer segmentation to group customers and potential customers into categories (segments) based on similar characteristics. Those characteristics can be based on demographics, buying patterns, buying patterns, and even psychological tendencies. Here, we’re going to focus on behavioral segmentation in the customer journey: what it means and how to implement it into your own marketing efforts.

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How Can You Compete Against Amazon?

It’s a great time to shop online. Supply chains are becoming more efficient, shipping methods are getting cheaper, and now more than ever people from all corners of the world can have their favourite products shipped straight to their front door. Amazon is taking advantage of this more than any other company in the world at the moment, and there’s no sign of them slowing down.

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The 6 Stages of eCommerce Customer Journey

The 6 Stages of eCommerce Customer Journey

The eCommerce Customer Journey encompasses all of the different touchpoints where a customer interacts with a company, product or branding online. These touchpoints include marketing, user interfaces, payment, delivery and the quality of the product itself. By understanding your customer’s journey fully it gives online retailers the opportunity to adapt to customer trends and develop a service that is completely tailored to their own customers.

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Feedbackly Creates New Customer Experience Software for OP’s ‘Finland’s Best Online Store’ Competition

With the announcement of the ‘Finland’s Best Online Store’ competition a few months ago, we’ve been hard at work over the past few months working closely with OP Bank. Not only are we making this free competition available to every eCommerce company in Finland, we are also releasing a fully-featured analytics tool designed to enable these companies to manage their customer experience strategy with one software.

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